Workshops, training sessions, consulting, operational support to :

  • Assist gender diversity policies to create value for business and innovation,
  • Improve management practices and generate more inclusive group dynamics,
  • Integrate the gender dimension in projects to improve the economic, environmental, societal and responsible impact - video on the right, in french.



from 45 minutes to 3 hours with debate animation

An invitation to explore the benefits of taking into account the gender dimension in the perspective of managerial and economic issues and corporate image.

From successful examples of industrial and service businesses, the lecture will inspire you to start reasoning in your context.

Thematic workshops

from 2 hours to 1 day

Teams, managers, project managers, work force

Raise awareness on the development of a positive and objective perspective of the gender dimension through the nature and content workshop,


Engage the involvement of the participants in new practices and make them want to contribute to the collective intelligence in group work.


1 hour, 1day, à la carte

Operational Support

3 à 5 collaborative work session

Clarify issues, needs and possible actions within the present context of the company,


Draw up an objective assessment followed by an interactive report that sheds light on the areas for improvement.


Often ideas for new terms are proposed by stakeholders that demonstrate their receptiveness and their adherence to the approach.

Assess the relevance of the gender dimension in the nature and content of a project, through a group dynamic generating new ideas.


Analysis of the gender dimension in a project is a requirement to obtain funding from the European Commission and an increasing number of donors and foundations;

Moreover, it is a prerequisite to publish in several scientific journals!



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